Answers For All Your Queries And Questions

As a business, Nuuvee often comes across many questions and queries on their products, their delivery, their policies in general and what not and every time a customer contacts them through a call or a message, the team do respond as soon as they can. Some of the most asked questions and their answers are as follows: first and foremost is that how can one pay for the products they purchase from Nuuvee. Well you can do so in through three different means: first, you can pay for the product you intend to buy through your credit card which includes Visa, secondly you can pay via bank transfer and thirdly with Pay Pal. Second question that they are often asked is that do customers first need to have an online account for ordering or not. The answer is that no it is not a compulsion, but if you do have one, it is much easier to operate and helpful as it keeps you updated.

If you don’t have an account and you wish to have one, the process is very simple, you visit their webpage and click on the option of “My Account” and the directions will further guide you through, all you have to do is follow the directions and share the required details, such as your contact details and shipping address etc. the online system of buying at Nuuvee is quite interesting, on all their products, they have allocated certain reward points, so whenever you buy a product online, they add certain reward points in your account online. Once you order, they will send you a confirmatory email through which you will be able to track the location of your order.

Moreover, customers also ask as in how they can keep safe the products once they have opened the packing. For that experts’ advice you with three ways: first that keep every product that you once open in a cool and dry place, secondly if you are buying a tub, make sure that you put the lid back tightly, thirdly if your product is in a bag, make sure to press out air before securing it tightly.

One of the most genuine consumer concerns is that if the product they are purchasing has any additive or not. As far as products by Nuuvee are concerned, you can be guaranteed that they do not do so as all their products are in pure form, so much so that they do not even believe in adding artificial fragrance. Another concern that consumers have is that do these products by Nuuvee have any traces of heavy metals or not. The answer is clearly no! All their products and especially bath salts Australia are checked before being dispatched to store. But if you still for your satisfaction want to view the chemical analysis, you are more than welcomed to do so as each and every product in its description box has its certificate which yo can cross check for satisfaction.