Easiest Way To Plan A Budget Wedding

Planning your wedding is not something that you can do within a month or two. It needs a lot of time and effort and loads and loads of ideas. A lot of people spend months to plan their dream wedding and spend lakhs on it. However, if you are planning a budge wedding its going to take the same planning as an extravagant wedding. There are many ways you can plan the wedding out and even limit the guest, but there are many other things you need to include when it comes for a wedding.

Avoid adding more guests

Guests are one of the main things that you need to consider about apart from the wedding seating chart, invitation cards and so on. If you are planning on a small wedding its always best to have a limited guest count instead of bloating it will 300 people. You might be tempted in adding on all the people you know to the guest list but at the end of the day its not a great idea. With each and every addition you make its going to cost you each extra. So its always best to invite only the closest friends and family.

Ask help to arrange the wedding instead of gifts

One of the best ways to plan your wedding is to plan it with people you are close with. Most of the guests will have their very own talent with cooking, baking and singing as well. You can basically request them to be a part of it as well. You can even get the help of your friends and family to make your save the date cards for a much personal touch as well. You might even come across friends or family members who are good in photography, they might help you with the photography for your big day which will cost much less than hiring a professional. This way you can spend more time with your closest friends and family.

Hold the wedding outdoors or home

Outdoors wedding always turn out great if you plan it well. A lot of couples prefer having their big day in the outdoors with their friends and family and have a good time. This way you can even save a lot of money that you were about to spend on a destination wedding. You can basically plan the whole outdoor event and even get some backdrops to make it more nicer and memorable. But its always best to have a backup plan in-case of bad weather. 

4 Factors To Consider When Hiring A Professional Comedian

Comedy is a whole new area of expertise in professional terms. Due to the sheer demand of the comic events, the comedians are one of the perfectly earning entertainers in the game. If you were ever to hire one for your event, what would you do? Would you just go for the so-called best or take all the factors relevant and make a choice from a selection? Understanding how all comedians don’t qualify to deal with every type of event equally is very important.Here are 4 factors to consider when you’re hiring a comedian.The nature of the eventThe atmosphere of a birthday party is different from a corporate event. Hence, you must take this into account when considering party entertainment hire Sydney options. The topics to stress on, the topics that should be skipped and there even could mere words that must be avoided. On the other hand, the nature of the event also decides the attire as well. As you can see, the event won’t be that much of a success if the comedian’s profile didn’t match the atmosphere of the event.Whether they are comfortable attending a venue of your choiceThere are two major types of professional comedians; the first type specifically performs at their place and the second type are more eager to attend your choice of the venue. 

Events like awesome pub trivia nights cannot be properly planned if the host isn’t comfortable in attending the event. Hence, during the first discussion itself, ensure that your choice of the comedian is not only willing to, but also eager to perform at your venue.The expected types of specific topics or activitiesNow this is where you make a list of things that you’re going to do and talk about. This depends on the goals of the event. If you’re looking more for a comic relief, the comedian would have much freedom. If it is a promotion event, the comedian should be acknowledged on the specific points that he/she should stress on. Anyhow, remember to conduct at least two discussion sessions on the content of the event for the best results.The expected duration of performanceAlthough most professional comic professionals charge per event, their individual interpretation of the term event is different. You need to have a very clear idea on how long they usually perform for and charges per extra hour and whatnot. This would help you very much to prepare the budgets as well. Not only that, this factor would have a direct impact on the expenses for light and sounds hire and even the venue.