A playground or play area is a location created specifically so that kids may play there. Typically, it happens outside. While playgrounds are often made for kids, some are also accessible to adults or persons with impairments. Children under a specific age might not be allowed on a playground.

Modern playgrounds frequently contain amusement devices like saws, carousels, swings, slides, jungle gyms, traction bars, sandboxes, spring knights, trapezoids, cottages, and labyrinths. Many of these play structures aid in childrens physical development by promoting coordination, strength, and flexibility. They also offer amusement and fun while promoting social and emotional growth. Modern playgrounds frequently have play structures that link a variety of various types of equipment. Installed in the play areas of parks, schools, daycare centers, institutions, multi-family homes, restaurants, resorts, and other public spaces is public playground equipment.

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