You must choose a private obstetrician as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed. Dont wait too long because well-liked obstetricians sometimes have large waiting lists. Because your private obstetrician in Sydney will be responsible for looking after your health throughout this crucial period of your life, its crucial that you feel at ease with your selection. Our private obstetricians make sure you get top-notch care while you go through your pregnancy, give birth, and become a parent. They have expertise with both simple and complex pregnancies and deliveries, including preterm and multiple births.

You need to choose a private obstetrician if you wish to become pregnant or are already pregnant. You get to choose the private obstetrician who will look after you throughout your pregnancy if you receive private obstetric care. By attending your prenatal visits and carrying out either a vaginal or caesarean birth of your child, your private obstetrician ensures continuity of care.

Skilled and experienced

As a highly skilled and experienced private obstetrician, Dr. Kumara Siriwardena has delivered many hundreds of children. He will make you feel at ease and patiently and kindly answer all of your questions and concerns. While you are pregnant, you will have the chance to discuss the optimum delivery technique and methods for treating labor discomfort. Dr. Siriwardena as a private obstetrician places the health of both you and your unborn children first. Consider scheduling a follow-up gynaecological or obstetrical appointment with him.

Selecting an Obstetrician

For some women, the process of selecting the ideal obstetrician might be overwhelming. Many women ask their doctors, friends, and family for suggestions. While that is OK, their birth path and experience can be different from your dream birth. In the end, its critical that you pick an obstetrician who is ideal for you. Your obstetrician should inspire confidence in you and make you feel at ease. Our obstetricians are aware that having a rested individual deliver your baby is essential to giving you the finest treatment possible.

Dr. Siriwardena graduated from Monash University in Melbourne with honours in medicine, and at Westmead Hospital in Sydney, he got specialized training in obstetrics and gynecology. Since 2001, when he was appointed as a visiting medical officer of the Western Sydney Area Health Service, he has been in private practice.

Additionally, if you have an urgent pregnancy-related issue, you can reach us any time of day or night. In addition to the 24-hour answering service. We are dedicated to giving you and your baby the finest prenatal care possible while also creating a secure and pleasant birthing environment.

We switch up the on-call roster every day or every other day, so your baby will always be delivered by a kind, new face. For more information visit our website: