Medicine is a vast field of science with no boundaries in research, diseases, treatments and new advancement in the development of medical equipment devised in the medical profession. One such important arena of medicinal field is dentistry with professionals experienced, trained and practically working as dentist. This health care expert is fulfilling his duties in improving the dental, oral and facial health of a person. He diagnose, identify and treat illnesses related to teeth, gums, jaws as these are inter-related to each other. A dental official like orthodontist also improve the functioning capacity and restriction of an individual’s dental health. The correction of bites, misplacement and mis-positioning of teeth, mis-alignment and malformations of teeth are also addressed by them on special dental cases. Implants in Prahran are one of the most common dental treatments that are received by millions of people once or even more number of times in their lifetime. In such care procedures, missing tooth are replaced by the formation of an artificial tooth structure which mimics and fits perfectly in the tooth sets.


From common tooth decay, blood passing from tooth, cracked tooth and even misaligned or deformed structure of tooth all are dealt and treated at the hand of dentist. Dentistry is the branch of medicine that is concerned with good oral and dental health and a dentist is responsible for assuring it. Dental management is quite tricky and requires lots of knowledge and practical experience; therefore, not all dentists can work at advanced level of surgeries. Some are only linked with medications and simple dental treatments of implantation, fillings and bite corrections.

Dentist prescribe simple to high scale dental and oral medicine for quick healing. However, for dental surgeries orthodontists are called-in. The conditions, disorders, abnormalities and state f tooth, jaws and oral pats will determine the root cause and possible treatment of the dental issue.

Different types of implants

Implantation of dental structure at the missing or breaking point of tooth in the mouth is the most common type of treatment often given by orthodontist. Implants are artificially created tooth structures that are subjected and fixed at position from where tooth are missing. This eventually offer a complete new look to the dental characteristics. This orthodontic anchor can be used as a crown or bridge among the missing tooth as prosthesis.

Implants can be of four different types on the basis of their position of installation in the mouth. These involve implantation done in the bone, on the bone, over-dentures and supported bridges. The implants usually last from 10 to 20 years if not damaged but there are instances in which these implanted teeth are replaced after 8 years.


Dentist is a medical professional mastered in the field of dentistry practicing all the dental care treatments from simple crowning and filling to complex dental surgeries. Implants are among the most frequently observed dental treatment by orthodontist where a missing, lost or broken tooth is replaced by artificial tooth prosthesis.